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when 'SHE' quits...

Womanhood, takes several forms (mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law...) in the course of her life. And these forms are relatively no different in terms of the relation, to the forms that a manhood takes. But mentally and emotionally, each and every form of womanhood have so much deeper connections and feelings that remains complex to explain. This being said, 'SHE' forms the crux of the family and often becomes the centripetal force of it.

The scenarios that will be discussed further, might feel unrelated for many. But I am sure that most people could relate themselves or their loved ones or even some stranger she/he came across to it. One cannot deny that there are many women who enjoys life as 'SHE' deserves to be loved and respected. But the women who suffer by living the opposite, without even realising it or failing to give importance to the fact that they are suffering, outnumber them.

There are daughters who are treated like a Princess in their family, like in some fairy tales, while there are those who doesn't know what a family would feel like. Or the worst, having family but never know what a loving family is. This doesn't discriminate almost all those duaghters in starting their own family. The discrimination starts once 'SHE' takes up the role of a "wife". The role or form or avatar 'SHE' takes have a huge difference after being a wife.

'SHE' starts to play multiple roles and does multi-tasking, very often, 'SHE' becomes the shock absorber to things that happen around her. 'SHE' becomes the unpaid labour at home - who takes care of cooking, his and her (not in all cases) ailing parents, growing children, household chores etc, etc., On top of all these, 'SHE' does a Professional work too in many cases. This often end up in, 'SHE' giving up her likes and dislikes. It doesn't matter whether she likes to or have mood to cook at that moment; she just has to do it, because it is considered as her duty. Similarly, this holds true for any other household chores too, because, its simply her duty and not anyone else's at home. As if this is not enough a change that 'SHE' undergoes after being a wife, 'SHE' gives up her self-respect too. Because retorting husband in front of others is considered as a sin. So much so that 'SHE' agrees with it too. Even more, 'SHE' appreciates only his good deeds but fail to critique his mistakes and demand for changes/improvement, without realising that only identifying, discussing and working on both good and bad between each other will form a healthy relationship.

For example, professional 'SHE's mostly doesn't tolerate a mistake or treating her any less in professional grounds but keep on shock absorbing/tolerating things in personal front. Because, 'SHE' could leave one job that doesn't suit/satisfy her; whereas 'SHE' doesn't intend to do the same with personal relations. This needless to say, means 'SHE' values people of her personal realtion more than anything else. However, such gesture becomes meaningful, one and only if the person responsible realises her intuitions, intentions and actions, sadly which is not the case. Even if there are zillion situations and moments that would have tested her patience and tempted her to "quit" the relationship, 'SHE' never does so. Nevertheless, an undeniable truth is that 'SHE' quits mentally and emotionally.

There are so many 'SHE's who quit mentally the relationship, because he beat her a lifetime showing his psychic behaviour. There are many 'SHE's who quit mentally the realtionship countless times, because he verbally (sometimes even physically) abuse her, which makes his good deeds less countable. There are even more 'SHE's who quit mentally the relationship and physically this world, because he failed her and her children as a husband and a father, in each and every single way imaginable. And there are many many 'SHE's with incredible reasons that led often to their quitting mentally. But all these stories remain untouched, undiscussed, living only in the minds and hearts of those 'SHE's because talking about it, makes them less of a woman in this strained society.

Finally, when this centripetal force quits for real, the family will just be thrown away in different directions. The 'SHE's mentioned above had to quit mentally and experience emtional turmoil, because they itself doesn't realise what they are deserved for and they are so much intertwined into the so called societal norms that puts one gender down while keeping an invisible crown on another gender's head.

All in all, 'SHE' has to demand her rights at least in this generation, for what will become a fruitful and cherishable living for herself and most importantly for the 'SHE's who will come after her. It is much needed to agree that there are many brave 'SHE's who does this already, even if her loved ones try to stop her from doing so, by refering to her calm fellow 'SHE's. Much love and strength to all 'SHE's who stand up bravely not just for herself, but also for her fellow 'SHE's who either chose to be silent or chose to believe that is how a woman is meant to behave in this (biased) society. Because, in general, each and every 'SHE' in this planet is beautiful from in and out and every one of them 'SHE' deserves to be happy, loved, respected and (most of all) treated as an equal human being. And this would become a norm, if and only if 'SHE' realises that 'SHE' deserves it all!! 

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